Robin Hood
FACT: 100% of the money raised from the #121212Concert will go to #SandyRelief.
The White House
"We will recover, we will rebuild, we will come back stronger, together." -President Obama #121212Concert
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Backstreets Magazine
"I can't believe Bruce Springsteen was my opening act." --Billy Crystal #wecanteither #121212concert
Leonard Cohen Tour
If we had to guess who would be singing Hallelujah at the #121212concert, we wouldn't have guessed Adam Sandler. But we dig it! #screwsandy
David Tisch
That was the best thing Adam Sandler did since Happy Gilmore… #121212concert
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Bruce Springsteen
Bruce comes back out to join @bonjovi for "Who Says You Can't Go Home" #121212concert
Doug Meehan
When I grow up I want to be Jon Bon Jovi. That dude is still cool. #121212concert #bonjovi
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Eric Clapton's killin' it at the #121212concert. Watch Slowhand rock the Garden right here.
Don Van Natta Jr.
Clapton, verb: Making it look easy #121212Concert
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jimmy fallon
Thank you MSG!!!! RT if you see yourself. #121212Concert

Robin Hood
.@RollingStones You sparked a huge response, and we're so grateful for the support. Incredible. Thank you.
Alicia Keys is drop dead gorgeous, has a beautiful voice, and is a hell of a piano player. Wow. #121212concert
The Real Paula Abdul
.@aliciakeys celebrating love & LIFE! #121212Concert Cell phones lighting up Madison Square Garden! :)) xoxoP
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Lynsey Lee
Okay, just saw Steve Buscemi. It's official. All of my favorite celebrities are at the 12.12.12 concert. #121212Concert
PINBALL WIZARD! @TheWho #sureplaysameanpinball #121212concert
Today's Country BX93
Just gonna throw this out there... @TheWho are pretty awesome. #121212concert
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Kim Kardashian
Watching the 12.12.12 concert for Sandy Relief! Can't wait to see my baby perform @kanyewest! To donate call 855-465-HELP

Denis Gorman
Pretty loud reaction when Brian Williams mentioned Mark Messier. #NHL #NYR #NYRangers #Rangers #121212Concert
Thomas Conner
Chris Martin: "I know you really wanted One Direction, but it's way past their bedtime." #121212concert
Rolling Stone Brasil
Surpresa: Michael Stipe cantando "Losing My Religion" com Chris Martin #121212Concert
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@121212Concert Watching now on MSG network. Looking forward to @FooFightersDave perform and @LeoDiCaprio speak. #SandyRelief #121212Concert

jordan perna
#121212concert @LeoDiCaprio please answer my phone call I wanna make a donation
Fuse TV
The Man, the Legend, the Beatle @PaulMcCartney just walked by backstage @TheGarden #121212concert .OMGGG
#BLACKBIRD @PaulMcCartney #121212concert
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"What happens next... We rebuild!" #RebuildingNY #121212concert @121212concert

My heart is overwhelmed and inspired by the #121212concert tonight. The people that lost their homes hurt my heart with their testimonials.

Paul McCartney
What were your highlights of the night? Donate HERE: / Pre-order the album HERE: #121212Concert